July 16, 2014


In my makeup routine foundation is something that I just can't skip. It is my must have and I think that it makes a huge difference to complete the whole makeup look. I tried quite a few drugstore foundations and there are a lot of very good products. But curently my new love, absolute favourite thing in my makeup storage is L'oreal Paris True Match foundation in N4 Beige.

Firstly let me mention the packaging. It has a pump in a glass jar. Very simple and sleek, but I have to say that I prefer the squeeze tubes. You can't use all the product with the pump, and I don't want to waste it, obviously. The formula is quite watery and not as thich as you would think. But not with the coverage. It has very good coverage, but it is not cakey. You can apply just one layer, but if you really want full coverage then you can apply a second one. Also you can apply several layers because the foundation is very buildable. Usually I put on just one, and it works for me. The True Match foundation gives you fresh, glowy skin, because it reflects the light. It does not contains shimmer and does not make you shiny. All I can say is that is perfect if you want that dewy look. The great thing about this foundation is that it comes in several shades. I really like that there are cool and warm shades, light and dark. So everyone is pleased. It is appropriate for dry and oily skin. If you are oily remember to set your face and you are good to go.You can buy the L'oreal True Match foundation here.
Price: 11,56 €, 9,13 £, 15,64 $

Živjo punce. Pri vsakodnevnem ličenju je tekoča podlaga stvar brez katere res ne morem. Menim, da spremeni celoten videz, saj izboljša celotno polt. Preizkusila sem že kar nekaj tekočih podlag in našla nekaj odličnih. Trenutno pa sem odkrila svojo najljubšo, mojo novo ljubezen, to pa je L'oreal Paris True Match foundation v odtenku N4 Beige.

Najprej naj omenim embalažo. Navadna steklena posoda s pumpico. Sicer imam raje tekoče podlage v tubi, saj le tako lahko porabim celoten izdelek. Tekstura pudra je dokaj vodena in sploh ni gosta. To me je na začetku presenetilo, ampak ko pa sem se prepričala kako dobro prekriva mi je bilo vseeno. Tekoča podlaga dobro prekriva z enim nanosom, vendar če želite res popolno prekiritje priporočam dva. Tudi drugi nanos se nanaša zelo dobro. Puder True Match izredno dobro odseva svetlobo in vam daje sijoč in svež videz. Zelo dobra stvar je tudi, da je na voljo v različnih odtenkih. Svojega najdete če ste svetle ali zagorele, če imate hladen ali topel podton. Na splošno sem izredno zadovoljna z izdelkom in ga uporabljam vsak dan. Primeren je za suho, kot tudi za mastno kožo. Če imate slednjo ne pozabite čez nanesti transparentnega pudra ali pudra v kamnu. Tekočo podlago True Match lahko kupite tukaj, ki je cenejša kot v dm-u ali Muller-ju. Upam da so informacije koristne in vam pomagajo pri izbiri tekoče podlage. 
Cena: 11,56 €, 9,13 £, 15,64 $ 

Have you tried L'oreal True Match foundation yet?

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July 11, 2014

MAC Kinda Sexy drugstore DUPE

I love MAC lipsticks, but I don't own bunch of them. So whenever I found a cheaper dupe for it, that is a win for me. As you can see in the title I found a drugstore dupe for Mac Kinda Sexy lipstick. It's nude, pink-brownish shade and it's absolutely gorgeous. And the affordable drugstore dupe is Makeup Revolution lipstick* in the shade The One. It's great everyday lipstick. I also like the pigmentation of it. First the packaging is black plastic and it has gold writing on it. Mine is almost gone, because this is in my purse every single day. The lipstick itself is very creamy, but I prefer putting a lipgloss over it. Just to make my lips appear a bit bigger. What I really love about this product is the smell. It reminds me of the beach, coconuts, omg so good... I would really recomend you this if you are growing your makeup collection and you need affordable yet great quality lipsticks. The downside of this product is that is not longlasting at all. But for it's price I can apply it several times a day, so it's a win for me. Lipstick retails for 1.95€, 1.55 £, 2.65 $. If you are interested you can purchase this product right here.

Tell my your favourite drugstore dupe for MAC. 
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July 10, 2014

Lily Lolo

Hello dolls. When it comes to mineral makeup I am always interesting to learn more about the product. I was lucky enough to try the mineral pressed eye shadow duo by Lily Lolo* in the shade Poison Ivy. Let me first talk about the packaging. Isn't this just too cute? Grey with white and silver design. Also the plastic container is very hard and looks like good quality. This duo consists of two eyeshadows...combo of matte pink and shimmer brown-green. The pigmentatin is just great. This creates great everyday look plus it is amazing for traveling. I took this when I went to the seaside, because I didn't want to take my paletts with me. You have your lid and your crease colour all together in one little set. If you are pleased with this product you can check it here.

What is your favourite mineral makeup? Let me know, so I can try. 
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July 09, 2014

CHUNKY LIPS w7 review

Hello beautties. Today I am super excited because I have to share with you my favourite pink lipstick. It is from w7 called CHUNKY LIPS* in the shade Scandal. There were a few gorgeous shades, but I was going for a Barbie pink one. First let me talk about the formula. It is super creamy and moisturizing. You can wear this withouth putting chap stick underneath. This shade really complimets dark and fair skintone and it doesn't look fake. It also makes your teeth super white, which is always a good thing. The only downside is that it is not very long lasting, but it stays on quiet some time. So that works with me. The great thing is also that you just twist the end, and the lipstick comes out. So you can use it until it's completely gone. The price of this baby is 4.5 €, 6.1 $, 3.6 £. Chunky lips are avaliable here. This product is simply my summer must have.   

What is your summer must have 2014? 
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July 08, 2014


Hello dolls. In todays little post I will share with you new in drugstore by essence. There are quite a few collections that are launching in July and August. I have to say that I am super excited about trying some products, like dry shampoo, brushes, wipes, lip products... Now lwet's get into...

The first collection that I will start with is called Road Trip
deo wipes (01 let’s go get lost!)
dry shampoo (01 got my ticket to ride?)
styling set (01 adventure is out here)
allround balm (01 young, wild, awesome)
mini lipstick (01 hit the road, red! and 02 my sweet escape)
blush and highlighter (01 highway to pretty!)
eyeshadow&eyeliner (01 highway to pretty and 02 i don’t care! i love it!)
nailpolish (01 hit the road, red!, 02 on the road again, 03 i don’t care! i love it! and 04 my sweet escape)

The second one is called Aquatix
eyeshadow pencil (01 pearls are a girl's best friend, 02 under the sea in 03 mermaid's secret)
glitter eyeliner (01 aquatix bay in 02 mermaid's secret
jelly lipgloss (01 under water love in 02 pearls are a girl's best friend)
powder pearls (01 oceans next top mermaid)
foundation brush (01 mermaid’s secret)
nailpolish (01 mermaid's secret, 02 pearls are a girl's best friend, 03 aquatix bay, 04 under the sea, 05 finding dori in 06 under water love)
nail stickers (01 pearls are a girl’s best friend)
shimmer bodylotion (01 oceans next top mermaid)

The third collection is New in Town
3D eyeshadow (02 irresistible lavender dream, 03 irresistible choco cupcake, 06 irresistible brazilian sun and 07 irresistible fullmoon flash)
gel eyeliner (01 black blaze and 03 urban jungle)
longlasting lipstick (14 adorable matt! and 15 oh so matt!)
cream to powder highlighter (10 look on the bright side and 20 bright up your life)
effect nail polish ( 06 party in a bottle and 18 that's my pop cake!)
sparkle sand top coat (24 i feel gritty!)
base mascara
volumizing mascara

Next one is the yes, we POP!
nailpolish (01 hey smiley, 02 grab this hype, 03 hello hipsters in 04 have fun)
confetti top coat (01 bubble gum)
nail art effect set (01 ready for hip pop in 02 made for art setters)
nail art decoration set (01 pop rocks)
nail art designs (01 hipsters only)
nail art foils (01 be funky be trendy)
nail art brush (01 picasso pop)
2in1 primer and cleanser for gel nails
2in1 clear peel off gel base and top coat
mini LED lamp with USB cable

The last collection is called Wave goddess
 soft touch eyeshadow (01 have a break, 02 crush on blue, 03 stand up and paddle
  and 04 life is better when you surf
2in1 eyeliner (01 life is better when you surf, 02 have a break, or two and 03 stand up and paddle!)
tinted lip balm (01 loose your heart on the board and 02 life is better when you surf)
blush tint (01 loose your heart on the board)
highlighter (01 sparkling goddess)
nailpolish (01 loose your heart on the board, 02 wave down the lime, 03 have a break and 04 crush on blue)
body tattoo (01 the early bird catches the wave)
beach hair wave spray (01 wave me up!)

Which products are you most excited to try and use? 
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June 30, 2014

DRESS FOR LESS - Mary Kate Olsen

When it comes to fashion, No. 1 thing for me is that it has to be comfortable. Of course it also has to be pretty and trendy. Lately I bought lots of rumpers. They are super cute and practical - because you are actually wearing shorts. The only downside is when you have to go to the toilet, you need to take off the intire outfit, you can't just take off your pants. I saw this amazing picture of Mary-Kate Olsen, and I fall in love with her style. I recreated the look with wearing black rumper and some red high heels. I think that red really compliments the black and it gives an elegant touch. Exuse my hair in the pictures, but it was air dried.

Do you have any inspirations to do dress for less?
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June 17, 2014


If you are like me and you love makeup, you know that it can get rather expensive. But not with Revolution makeup. It's super affordable with great quality. I decided to try the Romantic Smoked palette, since I really wanted to rock the purple and rosy shades. The ličila.si was kind enough to send me the palette. It contains twelve eyeshadows and it is a perfect mix of shimmer and matte shades. The 
palette has ultra high payoff. I was really blown away. As you can see on my swatches pictures, that is just one swipe. They also blend very well. The only downside for me is that the shadows don't have names. Which is not so bad. So if you like the Romantic Smoked palette you can purchase it for 5,95 €, 4,75 £, 8,06 $. Also the Revolution paletts are often compered as Naked dupes. I must say that I can see why. 
What do you think of Revolution makeup?
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