January 16, 2013

Review of Himalaya HERBALS Protein Shampoo and Conditioner

As you may know I love to switch different shampoos, because hair can get used on, and you don't want that.
100% Herbal Actives, not tested on animals

Protein Shampoo, Repair&Regeneration; Dry/Damaged hair
Beach Almond, Chickpea
This shampoo is great for dry hair. It leaves them soft and shiny and it helps with my split ends a lot. Plus the smell is really plesent. It repairs and protects from damage. I use this shampoo and conditioner combo for over two months, and I can notice quite a big improvment. 

Protein Conditioner, Repair and Regeneration; Dry/Damaged hair
Yarrow, Bean Sprout
Conditioner has quite thick consistancy. It deep conditions and repairs. You can put it all over your hair, not just ends, and it won't give you greasy hair. Leave it in wet hair for 3 minutes, than rinse and you will be blast with shiny, strong and healthy looking hair.


  1. hye Nika, I'm Ewan from Malaysia.
    great reviews from you.
    Just what I'm looking for over the net.
    I've buy the Himalaya herbals protein shampoo dry/damaged hair two days ago, with some audace regan hair fall (hair tonics, for my scalp after shampoo), LOL I forgot the conditioner...
    Before I'm using this shampoo, I was lazy back then , I dont want to cut my hair, and I don't trust shampoo products that have sodium laureth sulphates ,it scares me, till I made research then found out about Himalaya shampoos that quite safe to use, so I decided to try one of these, my hair is very dry when I'm not shampoo it you know , caught up with dandruff snowflakes sometimes bla bla bla and greasy and cause my hair fall too many.
    I go to hair saloon for trim my hair a bit then this hair stylish girl told me my hair is getting loss. it freak me out man.!!
    I'm so frust I'm 22 I don't want get BOLD !
    so ..
    I need your suggestion, if I'm using the protein regeneration dry/damaged hair without conditioner , does it give me better results? sorry I'm not expert in hair. If you suggest me to get the protein conditioner same as your picture , I will buy it immediately and use it with protein shampoo. thAnks anyway

    1. hey girl, thanks for your comment and question. I would buy the protein conditioner too, I think the two would work better together.
      I think that Himalaya has the shampoo for hair loss too, I am not quite sure, but I will check and let you know, ok?
      Hope everything goes ok,

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