February 06, 2013

Valentine decoration - bathroom

Since Valentines day is right around the corner, I thought I'll show you very cute diy project. This year I decided to decorate my bathroom.
   Things you'll need:     
  • soap dispenser
  • spray paint (mine is red, for valentines day)
  • lighter colour of your choice (mine is yellow, it maches the bathroom
  • brush 
  • optional - ribbon
 First you spray paint soap dispenser, and let it dry completely. Then draw or write anything you want on the dispenser. I got my idea on the internet. After everything is dry, screw on the top and if you like the look, make a bow. I think it looks really cute. This diy project is great for gift and is so cheap and easy to make. It took me like an hour including drying process ;)

Do you want more diy projects for Valentines day?

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