February 12, 2013

Best of Essence

Essence is a German brand of make-up and other beauty products. It is super cheap, so it is amazing for teens, if you want to expand your make-up collection, or if you are just looking great make-up on a budget. 

iluminating make-up base; for a natural glowing, radiant complexion, moisturizes the skin, conceals small imperfections. It also makes foundation application easier and extends its wear.
This make-up base really does what it claims. I was more then satisfied with the coverage that it gives you. And when you put foundation over it, it gives you perfect glow. Mine is peachy, pink colour and it suits dark skin tones perfectly.
forget it! 3 in 1 concealer; this is probably the best products from essence. You get pink, beige and green colours for covering up imperfections on your face. The consistancy is so creamy and it glides on your face like butter. Love the pink and the beige one, as you can see I'm not a big fan of a green one.
silky touch blush in babydoll; pretty pink blush for fresh looking skin, Perfect for Valentine's day look! It lasts all day and it is pretty pigmented.
lash&brow gel mascara; clear mascara which I use for my eyebrows. I wrote a post on this-wasn't really happy with it, but now I fall in love!! Great product and it holds my eyebrows all day long.
gel eyeliner in Midnight in Paris; high precision eyeliner, waterproof. It is creamy, ultra black, matt gel eyeliner and it does not smudge. I use it every day and I am very happy with it- classiy black! Plus the paskaging looks more expensive then it is. It comes in glass.
stay all day long lasting eyeshadow in coppy right and steel the show; cream eyeshadows with great pigmentation. Does not crease. You get a ton of product becaus little goes a long way and you will have it for a long time.
metallic effect eyeshadow in party all night. Great eyeshadow which is super soft. The colour speaks for itself. BEAUTIFUL!
glam liner, liquid eyeliner in rising star; most amazing brush- really thin and precise! I use it under my waterline. Great for holiday makeup.
metallic eye pencil in lilectric; super pigmented and amazig colour effect. Use it under my water line for a pop of colour. Really compliments dark, brown eyes.
sun club, 100% splash-proof eye pencil in ultra black; pigmented black eyeliner, which is not waterproof, but it stays all day on my eyes. It contains slight shimmers and does not work on waterline. But under your waterline it is super pretty and it really is longlasting.
blush brush; I put a post about this brush already and I love it. Soft, soft, soft..hot pink- great combination.
gel eyeliner brush; Find this brush is too thick for eyeliner, but is amzing for putting on eyeshadows and smudging my pencil eyeliner.
Swatches from left: makeup base, blush, gel eyeliner, metallic eyeshadow, liguid eyeliner-silver, metallic eye pencil, black eye pencil, cream eyeshadows in coppy right and steel the show

What is your favourite beauty product from essence?

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