February 05, 2013

syoss vs. Schwarzkopf

Drugstore heat protection
Today I am going to show you two very affordable drugstore heat protections. I am also going to tell you which one is better and why. Enjoy reading the post.

syoss professional performance, Heat Protect Styling-Spray, Longlasting straightening effect, 250 ml

protects against heat damages, widout stickness
I bought syoss heat spray because it is made by Schwarzkopf. I thought it will be amazing, because I love the brand:). But I was very surprised- I don't like it. It does not smell good, you can smell the alcohol, plus it made my hair really sticky. With one word- BAD product. Or maybe just didn't work for my hair. It protects your hair up to 200°C.

Schwarzkopf got2be guardian angel, blow-dry+flat iron, 200 ml

4 hot hair styles: protect, shine, b divine

This thing smells amazing, plus it has pretty packeging. It feels good on my hair. You put generous amount on wet hair and then blow dry it. It made my hair softer and it helps with frizzy hair:). It protects hair up to 220°C.

The guardian angel is deffenetly the winner!!
Which is your favourite?


  1. Hi Nika, I wanted to try Syoss Heat Protectant, now I'm glad I didn't buy it:).
    xxx Oli

    1. I am really happy that I helped you. Thanks for reading my blog ;))

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