February 18, 2013

Annemarie Börlind Skincare REVIEW

Today I am going to share with you my morning and evening skincare routine. It is more on an expensive side, but is so worth it. The all line is based on nature. It is so nice for my sensitive skin and does not contain fragrance, colorants and preservatives

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND ZZ Sensitive, Cleansing Milk, 150 ml
This naturally mild cleansing milk calms, soothes and balances the skin during cleansing. Does not contain fragrance, colorants or preservatives. I apply it every morning and evening to the face and neck and then remove it with damp cosmetic sponge and rinse with warm water.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND ZZ Sensitive, Facial Toner, 150 ml
Carefully selected herbal extracts calm sensitive and irritated skin. They strengthen the skin's protective mantel and increase its resistance. It also does not contain fragrance, colorants and preservatives. I use it every morning and evening after cleansing with cotton ball and gently pat onto skin.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND Naturesôme, Nature Effect Fluid, 50 ml
Valuable active ingredients from nature such as immortelle and sea fennel ensure a feeling of well-being, happiness and relaxation. You get radint skin with the feeling of a delicate, velvety, smooth and silky complexion. White tea protects the skin against environmentally caused prematue aging. Ceramide and Vitamins C and E care for the skin and increase its moisture-binding abilities. It is also suitabla for all skin types. I use it after cleansed skin before the day cream.

ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND ZZ Sensitive, Day Cream, 50 ml
Intensively protecting, strengthening and moisturizing ingredients and a mineral UV filter calm irritated and stressed skin and help to prevent premature skin ageing. Does not contain fragrance, colorants or preservatives. I apply day cream morning and evening after the fluid.

Do you use ANNEMARIE BÖRLIND cosmetics?

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