January 27, 2015



Bold glasses are becoma a fashion staple. Once neerdy now cool, a great pair of frames is a must. Frames are great on bad beauty days that instantly feel better. It is all about stand out eyes. It's a modern take on a classic look. It's about making eyes stand out stunning warm brown shades, different textures and eyeshadows. The more definition you do the more your eyes pop. It's about lining your eyes close to the lashes over eyeshadow and a bunch of mascara. So you get a warmth and a light smokeyness to the eye. To balance the stronger eye the cheeks and lips are soft and neutral in warm nude shades - with a little bit of prettyness on your cheek. If you wear glasses the good news that these shades will compliment rather then complete with your frames. Even if you don't wear glasses, every women wans to know how to make her eyes stand out.

Očala so postala modni dodatek. Nekoč piflarsko danes kul, dober par okvirjev je preprosto must have. Okvirji so odlični za slabe lepotne dni in takoj se boste počutile bolje. Vse je v poudarjanju oči z različnimi odtenki, teksturami. Bolj ko definirate oči, bolj bodo vaše oči prišle do izraza. Vse je v obrobi oči tik zraven linije trepalnic čez senčilo in ogromno maskare. Tako dobite toplino in rahel zadimljen videz na očeh. V sorazmerju z močneje poudarjenimi očmi so lička in ustnice nežna, nevtralna v toplih kožnih odtenkih. Če nosite očala je dobra novica, da bodo ti napotki kompliment za vaše oči in ne bodo tekmovala z okvirji. Tudi če ne nosite očal, je to odlična priložnost da poudarite svoje oči.

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  1. Love your blog and your pictures, you look so pretty. I'm now following you on GFC, please follow me back hun x

    1. Thank you doll for the sweet comment. I am your newest follower....take care, xx

  2. I wish I suited glasses as much as you (although I don't need them it can be tricky to find the right sunglasses haha) you look stunning! :)


    1. Phoebe you can suit any glasses. At firmoo you can look if they fit you vith virtual look, it's really cool. Like you would be at a store. And of course, you can rock glasses even if you don't need them....xx


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