October 31, 2014

HALLOWEEN Half Skelton Face

Happy Helloween girls. It is here and if you are like me, then you are trying to figure out what are you gonna be for that Halloween party. This year I decided to be a skelton... Yeah, I know nothing new and exciting, but let me show you how I did it. As you can see on the picture, I painted just the half of my face. On my eyes I am wearing a regular makeup, some falsies and green contacts. I think this Halloween mask is really fun and not too much, and it is also appropriate for school, work,... or you can rock it on the party. The skelton mask is also the easiest to dress. I am wearing all black, and that's it.

I hope you all have fabulous evening and tell me what are you gonna be today?


  1. Thats really awesome. :)

    1. Thank you Julie. It was really easy and fast to do...xx

  2. I love your blog
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    1. Thanks Lydia. That means a lot to me. I am more then happy to discover new blogs, thanks for the link...xx


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