July 08, 2014


Hello dolls. In todays little post I will share with you new in drugstore by essence. There are quite a few collections that are launching in July and August. I have to say that I am super excited about trying some products, like dry shampoo, brushes, wipes, lip products... Now lwet's get into...

The first collection that I will start with is called Road Trip
deo wipes (01 let’s go get lost!)
dry shampoo (01 got my ticket to ride?)
styling set (01 adventure is out here)
allround balm (01 young, wild, awesome)
mini lipstick (01 hit the road, red! and 02 my sweet escape)
blush and highlighter (01 highway to pretty!)
eyeshadow&eyeliner (01 highway to pretty and 02 i don’t care! i love it!)
nailpolish (01 hit the road, red!, 02 on the road again, 03 i don’t care! i love it! and 04 my sweet escape)

The second one is called Aquatix
eyeshadow pencil (01 pearls are a girl's best friend, 02 under the sea in 03 mermaid's secret)
glitter eyeliner (01 aquatix bay in 02 mermaid's secret
jelly lipgloss (01 under water love in 02 pearls are a girl's best friend)
powder pearls (01 oceans next top mermaid)
foundation brush (01 mermaid’s secret)
nailpolish (01 mermaid's secret, 02 pearls are a girl's best friend, 03 aquatix bay, 04 under the sea, 05 finding dori in 06 under water love)
nail stickers (01 pearls are a girl’s best friend)
shimmer bodylotion (01 oceans next top mermaid)

The third collection is New in Town
3D eyeshadow (02 irresistible lavender dream, 03 irresistible choco cupcake, 06 irresistible brazilian sun and 07 irresistible fullmoon flash)
gel eyeliner (01 black blaze and 03 urban jungle)
longlasting lipstick (14 adorable matt! and 15 oh so matt!)
cream to powder highlighter (10 look on the bright side and 20 bright up your life)
effect nail polish ( 06 party in a bottle and 18 that's my pop cake!)
sparkle sand top coat (24 i feel gritty!)
base mascara
volumizing mascara

Next one is the yes, we POP!
nailpolish (01 hey smiley, 02 grab this hype, 03 hello hipsters in 04 have fun)
confetti top coat (01 bubble gum)
nail art effect set (01 ready for hip pop in 02 made for art setters)
nail art decoration set (01 pop rocks)
nail art designs (01 hipsters only)
nail art foils (01 be funky be trendy)
nail art brush (01 picasso pop)
2in1 primer and cleanser for gel nails
2in1 clear peel off gel base and top coat
mini LED lamp with USB cable

The last collection is called Wave goddess
 soft touch eyeshadow (01 have a break, 02 crush on blue, 03 stand up and paddle
  and 04 life is better when you surf
2in1 eyeliner (01 life is better when you surf, 02 have a break, or two and 03 stand up and paddle!)
tinted lip balm (01 loose your heart on the board and 02 life is better when you surf)
blush tint (01 loose your heart on the board)
highlighter (01 sparkling goddess)
nailpolish (01 loose your heart on the board, 02 wave down the lime, 03 have a break and 04 crush on blue)
body tattoo (01 the early bird catches the wave)
beach hair wave spray (01 wave me up!)

Which products are you most excited to try and use? 
Let me know and support with follow.


  1. Nice collection :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

    1. Yes, there are some very interesting things...xx

  2. Road trip collection looks really interesting :)

    1. It does. Dying to try the maroon eyeliner :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 09, 2014

    looks great, I really love it, kisses my dear


    1. Thanks, it really looks adorable, xx


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