February 11, 2014


I have dry skin, so ever since a couple of months ago, when I started to using the fixing powder, I thought I don't need it. But I was wrong, so wrong... Like I mentioned I have dry skin, extremly dry under my eyes, and around my nose. But throughout the day I become oily on my T zone. I also wanted get my make up to last longer. When I was at the local drugstore about four months ago, I decided to buy some fixing powder... I was looking around and then picked the essence fixing compact powder. 

The packaging is cute, clear plastic with hot pink writing. It was super affordable, around 3 to 4 $. It depends where you buy it.  At first I was scared that I would look white, but then I noticed that it goes really smooth on your face. It also don't give you that ghost look (looks amazing on pictures).
After my foundation and concealer I put the powder on my T zone with essence kabuki brush. Really light and not too much product. Everywhere else I use bronzer or blush. After that I start contouring. I am really happy with this product because it helps me to look flawless all day long. Even when I am at school the girls are always jealous on my make up to look so flawless. And I touch it up just once a day, just before lunch time. You can't go wrong with it!!

What fixing powder do you use? Or what do you think of this one?

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  1. I love Essence, and now i want to try this product!
    Nice post!
    I follow! follow me back? xx

    1. Thank you. It really is great. When you do let me know what do you think :)
      Of course I'll follow, looks like nice blog

  2. Tale je super, jaz ga vsak dan uporabljam :)

    1. Super in pa cenovno ugoden :))


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