September 16, 2013


Hello my lovely readers. It has been a long since I wrote a blog post, I am so sorry, but I am back. I am going to do my best to keep you informed with the newest trends and products in the drugstore market. The most fun and exciting news is that I am going to be moving in December with my boyfriend, oooooo I can't wait. Any tips girls? I am going to live on my own for the first time.
I have also been very busy working, because I want to save as much as I can, to decorate my new home :)

I am going back to University in October, for my masters degree. I am planning to do back to school outfits, makeup, hair, essentials. A lot of exciting things happened this summer, so I am going to share with you a few pictures. 

Thank you for reading and I missed you girls :))


  1. You and your bf look so cute together and I love that white dress. Congrats on moving! Living alone is a big change but you will have your boyfriend so that is good! When moving in with a guy for the first time it may take a while to get adjusted to each other's habits and routines but it is great to come home at the end of a hard day and have someone to share the evening with.

    1. Oooo Erica well said. I can't wait to spend evening with him, but I am a little scared of his habits.. But I know, it gets better after a time. Thank you so much for the sweet comment,


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