September 18, 2013


 Hello beautiful.
Today I am going to do a review about the Ma Provence nourishing body lotion with almond blossom. The packaging is lovely and I really like that is light proof, so the sun won't damage it. The second thing that I love about the packaging is the pump. I think it makes easier application, plus it is not that messy :)
I really like how this product makes my skin super soft and smooth, like no other lotions I tried.
The lotion consists essential oils and the Almond Blossom is recognized for its softening and nourishing virtues. The smell is amazing, if you like almond of course. The consistancy of this product is farely watery, which I like. I don't enyoj body butters, I find them way too greasy for my skin. 
I would have to say I really like this product, the only downside is that I ran out of it so quickly. It comes with 200 ml, 6.8 fl.oz., which is not so much for your body. I bougt this at my local drugstore (Dm),  and it was not expensive.

Have you tried the Ma Provence nourishing body lotion already? 
Tell me which is your favourite body lotion in the comments!

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    1. Thank you, mans a lot to me, of course I will follow :)


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