June 03, 2014


Everytime I want to change something about my looks, I always go for a new haircolour. Not cut, trim or highlights, but the COLOUR! Hair colours always compliments your look and change your apperance. It makes your eyes stand out. I cut and colour my own hair. And when I am at my local drugstore that sells hair colours I never know what to buy - ash tone or rich, golden shade. 
What suits me best??
You should always choose haircolour according to your skintone. It should never be more then two shades lighter or darker then your natural hair colour. There are three kinds of skintone: warm, cool and neutral. Here are some tricks to help you discover which group you belong to.

1. Check your wrist veins on a natural light. If they turn green you are warm, if they are blue you are cool, and if they are green and blue you are considered neutral.
2. Undertone. If your undertone is yellow you are warm, and if it is pink you are cool.
3. Jewlery. If gold jewlery suits you better you are warm, and if that is silver you are considered cool. If you look good in gold and silver you are a true neutral.

Now that you know which group you belong, we can talk about shades. I am going to tell you a few shades that compliments warm undertone and few that compliments cool undertone.
Warm: rich brown, cinamon, honey, yellow, orange-coppery, reddish tones, chesnuts, chocolate brown...
Cool: all ash shades, platinum blonde, white...
Neutral: you are lucky and can do both.

 What hair colour you have?
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