April 22, 2013


Hello beauties. Today I am going to share my taughts about a new Schwarzkopf product. It is an oil serum with argan oil. I bought it in my local drugstore Müller for 4.95 €. You get 50 ml, which is not bad at all. You apply the serum on wet or dry hair, it is also appropriate for evrery day use. And a little bit goes a long way. It does not make my hair greasy and I used it every day for the past week. My split ends improved a lot, plus my hair is super soft and shiny. I have to say this is my favourite Schwarzkopf produst till now. If you are looking for a hair serum, oil, leave in conditioner, I really recomend it. Plus the smell, omg, it smells AMAZING!!  

Which is your favourite hair serum? 
Tell me in the comments, I would really like to know. 
Hope you are doing well, thank you for reading

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