February 26, 2013

Get to know me

Hello there! Today I decided to write a blog post about me, so you can know me better. I know I am always interesting about bloggers, vloggers and their lifes...are you too? I will also show you a few pictures of me. 

- my name is Nika
- I am 23 years old
- I come from Slovenia, Centeral Europe
- I have a dog, his name is Thor
- I have boyfriend for 6 years, his name is Denis, and we are planning to live together after the summer
- I am a landscape architect
- my hobby is drawing, make up
- I love pink, glitter, everything sparkly
- I am super crafty, love diy projects
- I wear glasses, they are my fashion statment
- I love summer
- my hair is naturaly super curly
- make up is my passion and life

If you have any questions leave a comment.  
Thank you for reading


  1. Slika pred Predjamskim gradom je krasna :)

    1. Hej Sanja! Hvala;) Sem bila pred enim mesecom, res ful lepo, čisto sm bila navdušena. Super blog imaš, redno berem ;))

  2. Thor is an awesome name for a dog!! :) Thanks for sharing some facts about yourself! now following you back!

    1. Thank you hun. I resarched for this name so long;). Super happy for the follow and can't wait for your new post ;))

  3. wow ur dog is adorable! xx


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