January 23, 2013

Plus White 5 minute SPEED WHITENING Gel REVIEW

One step bleaching power fast&easy, 85 g
Few months ago I ordered online a set of the plus white bleach gel. It came with the gel, pre whitening rinse and mouth tray.

Directions tell you to rinse your mouth with whitening mouth wash and then  put gel all over your teeth. After that you insert tray in your mouth. You should leave it in for 5 minutes; for really stained teeth 15-20 minutes. Rinse it with cool water and you have WHITE TEETH!!

This product made my teeth whiter, but not super white. I should use it more, twice a day, my fault. Otherwise I recomended to use this whitening gel, because it is so simple and it really works. Plus you recieve the tray. I'm going to whiten my teeth right now;)

Do you like this teeth whitener?

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