November 20, 2012

FALL nailpolish

Here I have perfect fall nailpolishes. 

My all time favourite is burgundy crush from MaxFactor. It lasts me for a week with just one coat and widouth top coat. Plus it is super glossy. Love it!

The second one is midnight charm from Essence. I put one coat and it is just enough. If you dont' put top coat over it, it lasts for three days, but if you do, then you're good for a week.

The third is millionare green from Kiss. It is a beautiful green with shimmer. You must put 2 coats to achieve the look.

Next is steel magnolia from Kiss. It's dark grey/silver with a lot of shimmer. One coat is just enough. And Kiss nailpolishes are super long lasting. They are one of my favourites, plus they are cheap :)

Right now I'm wearing midnight charm. What is on your nails?

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