November 29, 2012


Alverde is natural bio and vegan cosmetic. It is produst in Germany and sold in Europe. 
I recentlly bought bronzer and highliter

First of all I must say that I absolutelly love the packaging. The box reminds me of Hoola bronzer. But this one is so much cheaper ;) And the names are so cute.

I have bronzer in 20 TERRACOTTA EARTH . It is beautiful brownish powder with Macadamia oil. I think it is perfect for dry skin. Not any traces of orange

The next thing is shimmer powder in ETHNO QUINTET. It also contains Macadamia oil, so it is non drying. I use this as a highligter and i adore it. It gives perfect, natural, bronze, summary looking skin ;))

  Left: Ethno Quintet Right: Terracotta Earth

Let me know if you use alverde cosmetic??

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